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Outdoorfilme von der BERGE IM LICHT CREW

Die BERGE IM LICHT CREW stellt das Skigebiet Gargellen im Montafon vor

Gargellen in Montafon - The ski area
I have been coming to Gargellen for skiing, touring and freeriding for many decades. Somehow Gargellen has something of Asterix and Obelix for me: "A small village in the mountains offers fierce resistance.
The Schafberghüsli was destroyed by a very large avalanche along with the lift from the valley. Before the ski area was taken over by another ski area or even shut down, an investor was found and rebuilt. The people of Gargellen invested in a pioneering snowmaking system at their own expense, thereby making the area up to the valley station snow-sure until well into spring. Gargellen was also groundbreaking for other areas.
The construction of the “Kristallbahn” and the small button lift “Schmuggi Luggi” was also an absolute gain.
In addition, a renowned ski school up here does a very good job for guests and newcomers.
All in all, this film is a declaration of love for this lovely mountain village of Gargellen.
And one thing is clear: When there is fresh snow, you can go powder skiing up here with good friends.

Die BERGE IM LICHT CREW testing the new Allmountainskis from Majestyskis in Gargellen/Montafon

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"It is not just a story - it is a lifestyle"

The Team “Berge im Licht” captured their ski touring and freeriding trips in the Montafon and other areas on film for an entire winter season. The focus was always on the joy and fun outside in nature, in the snow, touring in the mountains, being out and about with friends, the trust and safety together, the mountain lifestyle.

Time to breathe.
The film was edited and edited by David Seeg (team member) - FILMAB.MEDIA. It was filmed by David Seeg (drone shots, special moments) and Torsten Wenzler (ground shots, stills, special moments). A production by FILMAB.MEDIA - David Seeg and MOUNTAINS IN LIGHT - Torsten Wenzler.
Without the entire team, the film would just be a collection of landscape shots. That's why a big thank you goes to the team, with the main actor Micha Doberstein, Christine Messinger, Christian Weber, Micha Mayer, Daniel Dietrich, Thomas "Lupo" Luippold and everyone who looked after the base camp. "It's not just a story - it's a lifestyle!"

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung


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